Action Aid Palestine

Resilience work in Gaza

March 2016 – December 2016

The context in Palestine is a protracted crisis with very serious humanitarian consequences, driven by the prolonged occupation by Israel and its disregard for human rights and international humanitarian law (IHL). Palestinians face serious threats on a daily basis, including threats to life, liberty and security, destruction or damage to homes and other property, forced displacement, restrictions on freedom of movement and on access to livelihoods. There is lack of accountability and effective remedy. The civilian population of the Gaza Strip experienced three wars in eight years and, for the past ten years, has been suffering under the collective punishment of Israel’s land, sea and air blockade. The Broadley Trust provided start-up funds to enable Action Aid Palestine to commence women’s and youth groups in three areas of Gaza to meet basic protection needs and advocate against IHL violations. As planned, this work is now funded through other sources.