The Broadley Trust was set up in June 2015 and made its first grants in September of that year. Its origins lie with the Broadley family, whose skilled and ethical financial investing over many decades built a sum many times their very modest beginnings.  The Broadley ‘children’ Kathleen, Eileen, Jocelyn and John were all born in South Australia in the 1910s and 1920s and had strong principles which emphasised working hard, saving and living modestly.

John Broadley was the youngest of the four and when he died in February 2015 he left a legacy that was both monetary and public-spirited. John is survived by his wife Sue who continues to live in Adelaide. The Broadley Trust arose from John’s estate and aims to further the principle of a just world for all.  It was started by four trustees, Brenton Wright, Pam Simmons, Moira O’Leary and Mal Simmons, two of whom are direct descendants of the Broadley family. Tragically, Brenton Wright died in November 2017 and this trust continues as much as a legacy to his leadership, generosity and lifelong commitment to a fairer and more just world.

The principles that carry on through the Trust are to actively and courageously work with others for systemic change that creates greater justice and equity.