Grassroots Jerusalem

Institutional support for GJ Strategic Plan

October 2017 – September 2020

Palestinian residents of Jerusalem live an extremely challenging reality under Israeli occupation which clearly aims at displacing them through policies of disempowerment and dispossession. Grassroots Jerusalem was established as a platform for Palestinian community-based mobilisation, leadership and advocacy in Occupied Jerusalem, believing that the challenges and responses of Palestinian communities must be articulated and led by them. They work with Palestinian communities, organisations and leaders to: gather information, stories and data to share within Palestinian communities and around the world; build networks between Jerusalem communities to exchange experience and knowledge, cooperate around issues of mutual concern, and collaboratively address Jerusalem-wide challenges; and identify and map Palestinian solidarity groups, faith-based communities and Palestinian diaspora around the world who wish to support the Palestinian capital. The agency also provides tours of Jerusalem where visitors to the city directly meet the reality that Palestinian communities live, and the community work done in the face of numerous challenges. The Broadley Trust provides financial support for the implementation of their current strategic plan.