JusticeNet SA

Legal help for asylum seekers in SA

February 2017 – August 2017, February 2018 – November 2018

From August 2012, the Australian government suspended processing protections visas for asylum seekers arriving by boat.  This affected about 2,500 asylum seekers in South Australia.  From early 2015 the government began inviting applications for temporary protection visas on a client by client basis.  The application process is extremely complicated and legalistic and there are limited opportunities for review.  JusticeNet’s Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project is coordinating pro bono legal assistance for asylum seekers who have had their protection visa applications refused and there are arguable grounds for judicial review of the decision.  The Broadley Trust helped cover the cost of employing a Refugee and Asylum Seeker Project Coordinator and then several Project Assistants to undertake client and stakeholder engagement, and training modules for volunteer lawyers.